One smartphone per village

BCIEA Inc is going mobile in Rwanda, East Africa

One smartphone per village

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Lack of Awareness,  Knowledge, and Help-seeking behaviors, Fear and Poverty in Africa; are associated with the prevalent Late Stage Presentations of breast cancer which lead to unnecessary suffering and death. Elimination of all these disparities is front-line defense against the onslaught of breast cancer in Rwanda, East Africa and beyond.


BCIEA app carries life-saving information accessible on Android and iPhones. Please help us spread the news! You may save a Life!

App objectives:
  • Understanding what Breast Cancer is; Risk factors, Signs and Symptoms, importance & practices of Early Detection; Self-awareness, Treatment options, Help-seeking behaviors
  • Increase awareness and community participation in health matters
  • Increase Prevention and Control of breast cancer
  • Debunk Fear, Myths, Stigma, Misinformation about breast cancer
  • Establish connectivity, networking – which will spill into other aspects of life- reducing isolation. BCIEA App is relevant, cost/time effective and empowers all who use it to take charge of their health

How it works


The essence of One Smartphone per Village model is reliance on trained Village Ambassadors who are known and trusted in their own villages.  Each Ambassador is trained and equipped with a Smartphone loaded with BCIEA Breast Awareness/Educational Application in English, and an accompanying hard copy Guide in Kinyarwanda. These are used as teaching and reference tools. The Ambassador uses the Smartphone for connectivity with target population, fellow ambassadors and supervisors as well as for documentation in text and visual forms. Trust element is crucial when addressing stigma, myths and misinformation that surround breast cancer.  It is also a fact that improvement of village life will result in enhancing the progress of the country. BCIEA has 23 Trained Ambassadors Rwanda has 14,847 Villages, it is almost unimaginable to think about having a Village Ambassador in each of these villages- our ultimate Goal.  CAN IT BE DONE?  “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  Nelson Mandela

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